Lytham St.Anne’s Born Actor Celebrates 60th Birthday On Day ‘Worst Ever Corrie’ Shown

The popular Lytham St. Anne’s born Coronation Street actor Peter Gunn – who has played the role of Brian Packham since 2010 – celebrated his 60th birthday on Monday 13th February. Brian originally appeared as a guest character (a teacher), first for four episodes in April 2010, and then five episodes in October that year. He returned to the role full-time in June 2011 until his character was axed in early 2013. Brian returned in November 2016 on a full-time basis, including becoming Headteacher of Bessie Street School.  In 2019 he bought the Kabin Newsagents from Norris Cole.

In a non-celebratory mood, Monday 13th February’s episode of the long-running soap has been heavily criticised and dubbed as ‘the worst Coronation Street ever’. In Monday’s soap Peter managed unbelievably to swap a broken tablet for a top-of the range motor-bike and helmet!  An Elvis Costello look-alike character unexpectedly gave the dreadful murderer Stephen a phial of LSD seconds before having a heart attack.  Birthday boy Brian Packham’s electrics went up the spout and he had to move out. The over-dramatic Mary said he could stay at number 11, despite it already being packed with four adults and one teenager !

Following Monday’s episode Julie Meers said, ‘To be fair the outcome of the bike being stolen couldn’t have been more obvious. Corrie has lost it’s ability to do subtle storylines it seems. And if Stephen doesn’t get found out soon, I may just nod off from boredom lol. THIS storyline is NOT entertaining!’ Andrew Jenkins responded, ‘One of the silliest episodes yet. More to come I fear. Everyone connected with the production of the show, hang your heads in shame. A once Brilliant show ruined.’ Sara Louise shared this opinion, ‘What an absolute waste of an hour ! Totally unbelievable.’ Podcast creator Angus Smith dubbed Monday’s episode ‘The worst ever Coronation Street – story liners and writer must do better!’

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