Fylde Sand Dunes project host #BeachedArt competition, it ends tonight!

The Fylde Sand Dunes project is a partnership between Lancashire Wildlife trust, Fylde Council and Blackpool Council.The project is funded by The Environmental Agency from 2008 until 2022, and consists of volunteers and locals who continuously work to preserve and protect our beaches, sand dunes, and the wildlife they are home to.

The Fylde sand dunes make up 90% of the sand dunes in Lancashire, and are an important part of the coastline, forming the most significant part of the our coastal defence. Over the past 150 years, 80% of our sand dunes have been lost, so it is important that volunteers and locals work to preserve this beautiful feature of our county.

The volunteer group work arduously to protect and restore the sand dunes, and to enhance public interest and enjoyment.

In an attempt to get locals involved and interested in the project, the trust is holding a Beached Art Competition. This involves creating a marine themed sand sculpture using only natural items found at the beach.

You can enter by inserting a picture on their website (linked below), with a title for a sculpture, your name and contact details.

The competition ends TONIGHT at 11.59pm, So if you haven’t already, get to the beach and start creating your masterpiece.

You can enter the competition HERE

If you would like to volunteer to conserve the sand dunes sign up HERE

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