Helping Hearts – Helping the less fortunate in our community

Helping Hearts is an organisation set up to help the homeless within the local community. Janet Poyner and Tracy Byrne work effortlessly every winter to provide the homeless and less fortunate by collecting donations. This involves contacting locals and getting the word out there so they can collect coats, hats, gloves and toiletries. As well as food so no one goes hungry.

The kind community of Lytham St Annes generously donate what they can to this wonderful cause every year. Helping Hearts are hoping to collect as much as they can as this year with lockdown and the public remaining inside, those who don’t have homes and rely on donations from passers by will be suffering.

The organisation are also working to help those less fortunate in our community, with many families not earning enough due to job losses or lack of work.

Here’s a little bit about the organisation:

About Helping Hearts

We are all about making a difference in our community and helping the most in need. Each week no matter how bad the weather, we go out to ensure those living on the streets receive a hot meal, hot drink, sandwich, snacks, but most importantly a friendly face and someone to listen. We offer help and advice to all. Added to that we always carry, sleeping bags, coats, hats, gloves and warm clothing as well as toiletries. We rely on donations from our community and are thankful for every donation.

Janet Poyner

I’m a married Mum with 3 grown up sons all of which reside in Manchester, where my eldest also helps with the homeless on the streets of Manchester.  My husband of nearly 35 years has very recently retired from General Practice.  I am an ex nurse from many years ago in Blackpool. We are both busy with our Medical Education Training Company in St Annes.

My passion for helping the homeless, is because I could have ended up on the streets aged 17.  After the death of my Mum and Dad preferring to have his new woman rather than me and my twin Sister.

Tracy Byrne

I’m a married mum and we have 2 fabulous (sometimes) teenage boys. Grew up in a household where every penny counted.   Work part time for a local company, where part of my role is teaching functional skills.  I also volunteer foster for a local cat rescue. Was invited to help out in a Soup Kitchen 2 years ago where I really discovered some of the hardships faced by locals.  Immediately started arranging donations of clothes, food toiletries to help out.  Met Janet during this time, when she helped me out with socks and I gave her the heads up on the cheapest place for toothpaste.  We became firm friends both striving for the same goal.  I went on my first outreach 13 months ago and knew more was needed.


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