Happy Lancashire Day! Celebrating our wonderful county’s history and culture

Every year on the 27th November we commemorate the day in 1295 when Lancashire first sent representative to Parliament. The first Lancashire day was celebrated in 1996.

This year the day’s organisers, the Friends of Real Lancashire, were due to mark the occasion with a hired plane which was set to fly across the county today. However, this has been postponed until tomorrow due to bad weather.

The aircraft will trail a banner celebrating Lancashire, and will fly over several towns/cities within the county and borders.

The flight is set to begin in Blackpool tomorrow and is due to fly over Preston, Chorley, Garstang, Fleetwood, Manchester, Wigan, and Lytham St Annes, before returning to Blackpool at around noon.

Group chairman Philip Walsh said: “Since 1996, Friends of Real Lancashire has been at the forefront of co-ordinating events throughout Lancashire. We have had town criers out in the county shouting the Lancashire Day proclamation; there have been hot pot supers; folk and dialect events; dinners and charity fund raisers.

“We have also distributed Eccles Cakes to food banks. This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, events have been curtailed somewhat so we have decided to take to the skies.”

Marketing Lancashire will also be posting several social media posts dedicated to Lancashire Day with the hashtag #LancashireDay in the hopes that they will get it trending on various social media channels. So keep an eye out for posts with Red Roses and make sure to share, retweet and hashtag!

The plan is set to fly over Lytham St Annes at 12pm tomorrow as it makes it’s way back to Blackpool!

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