The Gorgeous Clinic Specialises In Aesthetic Treatments

The Gorgeous Clinic at 221 Whitegate Drive, Blackpool specialises in Aesthetic Treatments, such as anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and much more.

In the article below they share a wealth of information about their thriving business.

They say that Aesthetics is very much like gardening. You have a beautiful blossom tree occupying your picturesque garden, bordered by vibrant hydrangeas encompassing a manicured expanse of luscious grass.

So of course, you decide to treat your garden, plants and tree to a cheap “fertiliser effect” product you found on – because why spend more money than you need to on the correctly researched, certified and safe products when the same can be achieved at a fraction of the cost.

Oh dear; your blossom tree clings to life and your grass has decayed into a mulchy mess. Fixing this is going to cost so much more than if you’d purchased the reputable option, even if it was a little more expensive.

In reality you would never subject your precious garden to such short-sighted cost saving measures, so why on earth would anyone do this with their face?

Here at The Gorgeous Clinic, we estimate around 40% of our work is fixing poorly conducted procedures performed by inexperienced, poorly trained “injectors” often located in hair, nail and beauty salons.

These ‘injectors’ are certainly fine hairdressers, beauticians and nail technicians; but a half-day course in Botox and Fillers can simply not equip one with the medical, anatomical and complications knowledge to safely provide advice and deliver exceptional results.

We regularly see clients who have suffered complications such as serious burns from improperly used plasma machines; upsetting fibrous tummy fat from awful ‘cryo’ machines; wonky brows, overfilled cheeks and trouty lips.

For example, take anti-wrinkle treatments using ‘Botox’ (Botulinum Toxin). It’s common to see salons offering ‘3 areas of Botox for £85’. Well dear reader; authentic Botox costs £120 and up, and that’s just the product price to the practitioner. It’s a prescription medication that must come from a pharmacy – it can’t be bulk-bought online ‘for cheap’.

Whatever they’re injecting you with at £85 for three areas, it isn’t Botox!

There are however, lots of fake, ‘Botox Effect’ type products sold from unregulated, foreign sellers. These products are not made to the same safety standard as authentic Botox, and are often completely uninsurable, meaning you are without recourse if these compounds leave you with inflammation, facial ptosis, internal infections or worse.

Here at The Gorgeous Clinic, our procedures are carried out exclusively by highly knowledgeable and expertly trained medical professionals. With over £50,000 invested into formal university education, and training on the prestigious and world-renowned Harley Street, our clinics are run without compromise to your safety and well-being.

Like other clinics led by medical professionals, our primary focus is your safety. We regularly turn down procedures because we deem the treatments are not in the client’s best interest, either aesthetically or medically.

One thing’s for sure – the sheer amount of cheap, dangerous and unregulated products being used by poorly trained, clinically inexperienced and dangerous “injectors” is the desperately frightening reality of the aesthetics industry today.

Whether you’re looking for a simple refreshment, subtle enhancement, anti-ageing treatments or a full non-surgical face lift – always look for a reputable, medical clinic. It’s not a guarantee of excellence, but it likely puts you in a safer position.

You can learn more about in our upcoming video features with Lytham St Annes News, where we will be explaining the types of products and equipment used in aesthetics; why some are outright; and common complications arising from poor practice such as facial sagging and blocked blood vessels.

Whether you’re suffering from the stress of a botched procedure, or looking simply for a confidence boost, make sure to book a free no-obligation appointment with The Gorgeous Clinic. We are one of the only clinics to offer completely free no-obligation consultations, where you importantly get a chance to assess us whilst we assess your concerns.

We’re so happy to see so many people here from our local community, lots of other small businesses and many of our existing patients who were keen to come and support us. It’s been such a whirlwind journey to have come this far, and we are so grateful for all of our patients who have put their trust in us to take care of them, fix things when salons and so-called “injectors” have messed things up, and bring them on a journey of happiness and self-confidence.

Our business has gone rapidly from strength to strength, and we’ve achieved that by making honest and ethical recommendations, not upselling silly extras or by over-treating issues which don’t need any attention. Our goal will always be to support the patient to feel their best, most confident self, and not to push our opinion on to someone.

John Street, the owner of the Mardis Gras hotel and bar in Blackpool, who was left with facial asymmetrical paralysis following an operation to remove a brain tumour said; “I’m so grateful to John and Adam at The Gorgeous Clinic, which is why I wanted to speak today. They take a truly medical approach and made me feel safe, I’m so glad I came to see them. After treating me, I feel much more confident, because of the facial paralysis I haven’t been able to smile for 7 years – these guys gave me my smile back, and what more can you really say than that. Thank you John and Adam”.

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