The popular TV show on channel 4, Naked Attraction, is looking for participants across the UK and are now searching for Lancashire locals to sign up.

Hosted by TV presenter Anne Richardson, who is also well known for her role on The Sex Education Show, the controversial dating show features a group of 6 potential suitors who line up have their bodies slowly revealed.

The ‘picker’ has to eliminate one of the 6 after each body part is revealed, until they are left with 2 naked people.

Naked Attraction strips back the trappings of modern dating to just the naked body and asked the question: when we are entirely unfiltered, what do people really find sexually attractive? The series is extremely inclusive of all races, ages, genders, sexual orientation, there’s even couples looking for a third-party!

Executive Producer, Darrell Olsen says: “We’re excited to be back looking for a new batch of contestants.

“In these times I think many people are keen to find love and what better way than dating in reverse and starting off naked?”

The show is set to start filming in Autumn, in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines, after a stop on production during lockdown.

If you are interested in applying to be on the series click here