A deeply concerned citizen has been in contact with Lytham St Anne’s News

Dear Lytham St Anne’s School,

I am not a parent with school children that attend your school, however I have decided to write to any school with draconinan policy on forcing the wearing of masks.

As you know – and if you do not please further your own education – scientists and doctors are not in agreement with the efficacy of mask wearing as a deterrent for any corona virus including the Covid-19 virus which is not actually killing anyone on a pandemic scale let alone children.

No child has died that has not had other serious co-morbidity present and the CDC itself has had to adjust their numbers on this basis. The WHO has said many times that asymptomatic people are not carriers.

I think it is fantastic that a small number of children are questioning and defying your policy with purpose. It seems there is hope for the young generation yet. Perhaps your policy makers could learn something from them instead of blindly following a government directive that to my knowledge has not even been given, by a provenly incompetent and dishonest cabinet of stooges.

Thank you for taking time to read this email. I do hope you will re-consider your stance on this and look further into the damaging physical and mental health affects this measure could have upon the children in your care.

Best wishes,
Deeply Concerned Citizen

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