Went for a walk along Lytham Prom at high tide this lunchtime (I’m one of those people who likes walking in windy weather!).  Took a few photographs along the way and it occurred to me that compared to the new flood defences, which look great and were working well, the remainder of the prom suddenly seemed quite vulnerable.  As it happened I bumped into my friend, Councillor Mark Bamforth.  Mark is concerned regarding the east end of the prom, especially from the Windmill to Jubilee House.  The railings here are not mounted into the concrete plinth as they are for the rest of the prom.  Of more concern is the height of the banking on this section and thinks that we need more protection.  Mark has brought his concerns to the attention of Council Officers.  Today the water was quite high up and I am sure that we we will be having more of this in the future.

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