Angry Ansdell mum dogged down with dog poo deposits 😒

A mum from Ansdell has had enough of dirty dog owners not picking up around her village.

It’s an unforgivable act, failing to pick up your dogs poo, and causes much distress to residents everywhere, not just the Lytham St.Annes area. Poo bags are very cheap, and council bins are located in many places so that you can dispose of your doggy deposits.

As a non dog owner, it’s a pretty grim task, removing the evidence of other people’s dirty lazy inaction. Ms Angry of Ansdell writes –

“Yet again tonight I am having to clean dog poo off my baby son’s pram wheels before storing the pram in my house (I do not own a dog!).
I go for two walks a day and every single walk I go on there is at least one, if not more, new deposits on our local pavements that I have to dodge.
It is obviously someone local and I am at my wit’s end – with a baby I have better things to be doing than cleaning someone else’s dog poo of my pram!
Anyone any ideas of what can be done to attempt to get some kind of curb on this problem as it is getting worse?”

The council are keen for the victims of such abhorrent behaviour to be identified, (if you can) photograph both dog and its owner, and send it in to

The problem is so endemic nationwide,there’s even been a book published about itπŸ’©πŸΆ, although I wouldn’t fancy that in my Christmas stocking πŸ™ˆ

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