Another fabulous piece of work by local artist Steven Bruce.

Featuring a shop on Henry Street, Lytham.

The popular local artist often captures ‘real local life’ in his pictures, favouring well known streets, shops, people and dogs!

Steve often exhibits his work at the Pavilion, and the Jazz Emporium on Wood Street St. Annes has also displayed a collection of Jazz musicians on canvas.

Hi Guys! just finished my latest painting – Lytham Posy Bowl – oil on canvas – 24 x 18 inches. hope you like it . I have been in conversation with the Pavilion owner Linda who has confirmed to me that I will be exhibiting there this summer though the exact dates are yet to be confirmed. As soon as I know, I’ll pass it on.

The Post Bowl picture is however, outstanding, and I really had to look twice, assuming it was a photograph, but it’s on canvas. If you get chance to visit any of his exhibitions, you will know exactly what I mean! Great pictures!!

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