In Lytham St Annes we are all proud of where we are from, with such a close community and lovely atmosphere, it’s hard to find a place quite like it. Although it’s not as common to hear the ‘Lancashire Lingo’ on the street anymore as new slang words are taking over, we wanted to see how many of these phrases you know and how many you still use?

  1. Barm/Barmcake/Muffin – Bread roll
  2. Put wood in th’ole – Shut the door
  3. Corporation pop –  Water
  4. It’s cracking flags – it is so hot outside that stone pavings are breaking
  5. Use yer loaf – Use your brain
  6. I’ve not got out fort do – I don’t have anything to do
  7. A’v cum b’out any money – I haven’t got any cash on me today
  8. Stop skriking – Stop crying
  9. Mitherin’ – Annoying/pestering
  10. Wot you sayin’? – What’s up? or What are you up to?
  11. Proper reet good – That is very good
  12. Give us a nicker – Please may I have a pound
  13. A doll and a drum and a kick up a bum – That is what you get for being cheeky
  14. What ya on wi lad – What have you been up to?
  15. How’s yer sen? – How are you?
  16. Stop pace egging about – Stop messing around
  17. Kecks – Trousers
  18. I’m spitting feathers here – I am thirsty (can also be very angry!)
  19. Nice one – Thank you
  20. Ah’reet cocker? / Ah’reet cock? – Alright mate>
  21. Beltin’ – Great
  22. He’s not as green as he’s cabbage-looking – He’s not as stupid as he looks
  23. Scran – Food
  24. Our kid – My brother/sister
  25. Shut your cakehole/piehole – Shut your mouth!
  26. Manchester caviar – Mushy peas
  27. Wind ya neck in – Calm down/keep your nose out of my business
  28. Shut ya gob – Be quiet
  29. Put big light on – Turn on the main light
  30. Ta rah – Goodbye
  31. Your hair is full of lugs – Your hair is all knotty
  32. Chuffed – Pleased
  33. Willie heckers like – No he won’t
  34. Ow’do – How are you?
  35. ‘angin’ -Horrible
  36. Don’t be nesh – Do not be soft
  37. Mingin’ – Not nice
  38. That’s bobbins – That is useless
  39. I were agate and he were agate – I said and he said
  40. I could eat a horse between two bread vans – I am very hungry
  41. Clobber – Item of clothing or hitting someone hard
  42. Do I heckers like – No, I definitely don’t
  43. Nippin’ shop – Going to the shop
  44. Up the wooden hill – Up the stairs
  45. I’ll av a meat an tata cake – I’ll have a meat and potato pie
  46. Al’reet? – Are you ok?
  47. What a load of twod -What a load of rubbish
  48. Sweating cobs as in ‘I’m sweating cobs ‘ere’ – I am sweating a lot
  49. Brassic – Broke
  50. Oh aye yeah – Oh yes (realisation)
  51. Like piffy on a rock bun – Used for someone hanging around with no purpose
  52. Sound as a pound – Great, doing good
  53. I’m starvin’ Marvin – Hungry
  54. Jibbing – Not to pay on the bus or train/unwilling to do something
  55. Yer great barmpot – You are being rather silly
  56. ee, I’ll go t’foot of our stairs – Expression of surprise
  57. Yer doin me shed in – You are driving me mad
  58. He’s not behind the door is he? – He’s not daft is he?