Blackpool café invites locals to protest as local council & police attempt to close them down for feeding the homeless 😱

After the nationwide outcry for free food for less fortunate children, the staff of Blackpool café, Mags Beach Café, have worked to collect and distribute free food for the homeless and less fortunate people in Blackpool.
However it has been reported that Blackpool Council and Police have gotten wind of their story and have issued a notice for them to stop their charitable work. Last night it was announced that the Café will be holding a peaceful protest to fight for the children and homeless. This will take place at 10am today, they have invited all locals to join them at the Mags Beach Cafe, 51 Lytham Road, Blackpool.
Leah Alice Parkes wrote on Facebook: “How about we do a PEACEFULL PROTEST FOR THESE CAUSES ASWELL (keep a metre apart and wear your masks or we have some if you don’t) let’s fill Lytham road!”
The café posted to their Facebook page “Blackpool council … wake up to the reality of your community 🤬 whilst you stretch this morning in your cosy beds, potter down stairs to have a warm hearty breakfast with your children … open your eyes and spend just 1 night shivering in a door way… look at your children and see the kiddies of Blackpool not eating …. and hang your privileged heads in shame. Look long and hard because come the local elections your lives could well become theirs 🤬🤬🤬
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