Could this be the alternative to fireworks that Lytham locals have been begging for?!

An incredible video has been shared online of a new alternative to fireworks that will make pet owners’ lives 10x easier!

The surreal light shows have become a brand new trend in the US, the one in the video below was put on by Walmart to get residents in Dallas area in the Christmas spirit this year!

Should the UK catch on and host these captivating drone light shows in the place of fireworks on Bonfire night and New Years? 

Unlike fireworks, the show is completely silent, the lights from number of drones that zoom about in the sky can shine any colour and the lights can form 3d images.


Many local residents last month opening shared their rage with inconsiderate locals who released fireworks on nights around 5th November, many complaining that it was completely unnecessary. Many household pets were reportedly quivering with fear late into the night, some even soiling themselves as loud noises and flashes of light came from the sky deep into the night.

Could this be the newest alternative to fireworks for the 21st century? Will fireworks be a distant memory by 2030? Let us know!

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