Council tax energy rebate scam warning ⚠️

Latest scam exposed. Don’t get caught out!!

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Just a warning. Most of you know I work for a local Council, in the Council Tax Dept. Most people are aware of the £150 fuel rebate, that the government is giving people, to help with fuel costs. I’ve had a number of calls, at work, today, from people who have had a phone call from ‘The Council’, asking for bank details, so the payment can be put directly into the bank. THIS IS A SCAM TO GET YOUR BANK DETAILS! Never give any details to a ‘cold caller’. Please take care not to fall for this, and warn any vulnerable people about these lowlife scumbags.

If you pay by Direct Debit, the payment will be made into the bank account your DD comes from. If you don’t pay by DD, but live in a band A to D property, you are still entitled to the £150. Your council will send you a cheque, through the post. If this is not cashed, after 3 months, it will be cancelled, and the £150 will be credited to your Council Tax account. IF THE COUNCIL TAX ACCOUNT IS NOT IN ARREARS, AND THE CHEQUE IS NOT CASHED, WITHIN THE SPECIFIED TIME PERIOD, THE OPPORTUNITY TO CLAIM THIS PAYMENT WILL BE LOST.
These are the government guidelines, that all councils should be following.

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