A local chap has warned others of a creepy doll face mask in Witch Wood, Lytham.

“Witch Wood is what’s left of The Big Wood, once the west and south boundary of Lytham Hall Home Park.

In 1963 Guardian Royal Exchange took over the Clifton Estate, and the council gifted the remaining derelict wood to Lytham St Annes Civic Society. It was to be a woodland walk for the local community.

The Society has done huge amounts of work over the years. Undergrowth has been cleared, paths created and they’ve worked with Network Rail to make a continuous walk from Ansdell to Lytham.

The woodland was opened by Prince Phillip in 1974.” (source, visitlytham)

Witch Wood is named after a much loved horse ‘the Witch’, belonging to the Historic Clifton Family fell and died in the woods January 1888. The horse is buried in the woods, and over the years there’s been many reports of ghostly sightings of a horse.

Have you seen anything creepy in the woods, we’d love to hear from you!!

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