Dead sheep left rotting on Lytham St Anne’s seafront

It’s full of maggots 🤢

A local lady well known for her compassion towards animals has quite justifiably vented her disgust on social media, as despite being reported to the local council, the rotting sheep carcass remains unmoved.

“Fylde borough council
cleansing department you are a joke! Dead sheep been left over a week on lytham foreshore. Now full of maggots. Do I have to move it and leave it on the prom?…. won’t be the first time !!!!”

She bravely moved a similar carcass some months ago, after a delay in its official and appropriate removal, understood to be the remit of Fylde Council.

The demise of these animals are unknown, but it has been previously suggested there is an underground local cult allegedly using animals for sacrifice, but no hard evidence has been found yet.

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