Devastating news about Ralph 😒

His brokenhearted owner shares a message of sadness πŸ’”

We are devastated to share with you all that our boy Ralph has been found today πŸ’” He was found by the waterside by a man walking his dog over Hambleton who very kindly stayed with our boy until he could be collected at taken to Leyland Pet Crematorium.

Over 9,000 of you took Ralph into your hearts, what a community of support you have been, we have had some real challenges these last 83 days but now we have him home.

Widely shared photographs on social media

Our hearts are broken and I know this is not the news any of us wanted but we done all we could to find our boy and now we lay him to rest.

Fly high out little man πŸ’™

We are so sorry to hear this, our thoughts are with Ralph’s owners, we had truly hoped for a better outcome.

We would also like to thank everyone who shared the missing posters. ❀️

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