Dirty beach!!

Our MP Mark Menzies is not happy with St Anne’s beach attaining the current accolade of the UKs ‘dirtiest beach’.

He intends to tackle this matter by asking United Utilities and the Environment Agency for an action plan. He states –

“I am very concerned to read reports of St Annes beach being named the ‘dirtiest’ in the UK. It is certainly not the kind of publicity the town and Fylde needs ahead of a busy summer season.

I will be asking United Utilities and The Environment Agency about this news and the steps they are taking to put things right.”

Do you think St Anne’s beach deserves this award? Or is an unfair thing to say?

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  1. Last time we were there some years ago it was a disgrace ,don’t forget donkeys are on and all sorts of rubbish left by a tide

  2. Friends of the estuary coastal care group have been cleaning the salt marsh and path at lytham for 14 years. I have no idea why they say there is lots of litter around. Most boats and tractors are used by our local shrimpers and fishermen.

  3. If UU are going to ‘put it right’ will that entail removing you from office Mr Menzies? Or are you backpedalling on your vote to have raw sewerage pumped into our rivers?

  4. What do Mark Menzies and a Chocolate Chip Pan have in common….
    It would be good to have a local MP who actually fights for the area. A few times I’ve sent emails to him, only for him to reply on parliamentary letter headed paper, sent through the post. I mean, what’s wrong with an email reply instead of going to the expense of sending a letter? He is such a waste.

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