Don’t get a fine!!

Please be aware that there is now a dog exclusion zone in operation upon the central area of St Anne’s Beach, around the pier. This is mandated by Fylde Council, and last year wardens were in operation, with the power to issue fines, should you be caught with a dog, on or off the lead in the stated area.

From the slipway South of the beach huts, to the north side of the North Promenade car park.

From Fylde Council – πŸš«πŸ• St Annes Beach Dog Exclusion Zone πŸ•πŸš«

The dog exclusion zone on the amenity section of St Annes Beach comes into force 1st April until 30th September.

The amenity beach is the area from the Lifeboat Station slipway to the north end of North Prom car park, extending seaward all the way to the tideline. β›±

Dogs can still enjoy free run of the vast area at either side of the amenity beach towards Lytham or Blackpool πŸ‘

The “amenity beach” is the most popular area for families to visit, as it’s close to the amenities and the public space order is there so that they can enjoy their day, “dog free”.

This order has caused some outrage with dog walkers and dog owners, but in all fairness, there’s plenty of beach for everyone to use, and the zone provides an area for those not wanting to be near dogs. It understood that this exclusion line is in effect right into the sea, regardless of the tides status.

Please share this information with your friends and family if they are dog owners, wishing to use the beach, do they don’t get fined for not seeing the signage on the promenade. 😁

And yes, the public toilets are open, make sure you’ve got a few 20p pieces on you. πŸ˜‰

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