Don’t forget about small furry pets in a heatwave

Some good advice here.👇👇

🐰Calling rabbit owners🐰

Please don’t forget about your rabbits today, it’s going to be ridiculously hot, I’ve seen many posts about the dangers of the heat in dogs (which I strongly encourage dog owners to follow as it is equally as dangerous) but none for rabbits, rabbits overheat VERY quickly which can be fatal to them so please do what you can to prevent heatstroke

  • make sure they have plenty of shade
  • Offer them cold veg out of the fridge
  • Ice cubes in their water bowls
  • Frozen bottles of water which they can lie next to
  • Offer tiles for them to sleep on as they are cool
  • Dampen their ears, they lose heat through their ears meaning the cold water will help cool them, DO NOT submerge a bunny in water though as this will shock them
  • Gently brush them if they have any excess fur
  • Buy a handheld fan and attach it to the front of the hutch (make sure it has a cover over the fan as rabbits are inquisitive and we don’t want any damaged noses!)

This is my bunny Barley, his hutch is in the shade and he will stay in this as it’s much cooler than his run, he has a bottle of frozen water, a fan, a cold kebab of vegetables, fresh cold water, water on his ears, I have removed all sawdust from the middle of his hutch so he can lie on the cooler floor, despite all of this he is still too warm for my liking, makes me think about all those poor bunnies that are struggling today that have none of this 😔
This weather is likely going to claim lives of bunnies today, please don’t let your bunny be one of them.

If anyone has any other tips then feel free to add!

EDIT JULY 2021 – for any bunny owners that have Gousto, I have refrozen the water packs that come with the ingredients this year which work really well, they don’t take as much room up in the freezer either ☺️ compared to a bottle. Putting your bunny in his run in the SHADE (make sure the area has been in constant shade) on a patio will also help cool your bunny, in addition to damp towels on the floor*

Source this is doing the rounds on social media, but all seems very sensible. 👍


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