Enhancements To Our Lytham St. Anne’s Parks On The Way

Lytham St. Anne’s residents can look forward to a wealth of enhancements to our parks and open spaces following a decision by Fylde Council’s Tourism and Leisure Committee to initiate a wide range of work totalling £141,400.

These improvements include:

  • New lighting to be installed in Ashton Gardens,  These will consist of 21 lighting columns, 17 uplighters and 10 bollard lights plus new lighting in the Rose Garden and the footpath at the Gardens’ St George’s Road sides (£25,00)
  • Surface improvements to St. Anne’s Promenade Gardens (£26,764)
  • Improvements to the play area equipment and surfac at Mornington Park, Lytham (£26,136)
  • Improvements to the surface, equipment and fencing at Lansdowne Road, Ansdell (£17,775)
  • Surface improvements to Waddington Road’s play area (£10,980)
  • Improvements to the surface, equipment and seating at King George V play area, Heeley Road, St Anne’s (£10,256)
  • Improvements to play equipment at South Park, Lytham (£8,179).
  • £16,400 will also be spent on access control bollards at Lima Road, Beauclerk Road and Waddington Road Parks to compliment those already successfully installed at two nearby sites which prevent the illegal encampments of vehicles.

And in addition:

  • Blackpool Road North Playing Fields is to have a major overhaul on improving its drainage. This overhaul will replace the original collapsed drain which runs the entire length of the field, while at the same time investigative work will be undertaken, on how best to improve the quality of the football pitches and prevent waterlogging.  This will be followed by looking at a complete revamp of the children’s play park, refurbishment of the changing rooms and other general improvements.

The Committee Chairperson,  Councillor Cheryl Little said that the Council hopes to have the works complete as soon as possible so allowing these well-used areas to be enjoyed to their full potential while maintaining the safety of users at all times.

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