It’s never been more important to shop local, than this year. Our local shops, especially small independent businesses have been forced to close yet again during November, despite larger superstores and garden centres being allowed to sell everything 🙄

So please shop local and support our small businesses, and hospitality venues when they reopen. We’ve got some great shops in Lytham and St.Anne’s, let’s use them, not lose them 👍

Nikki Hesford from The Small Business Academy sums the sentiment up very well 👇

I am trying really hard to buy from small businesses this Christmas. I always buy my Mum Chanel bath products and usually head to Boots.

But my order with Boots will be just one of thousands that day. Nobody will notice, let alone care.

The business I did buy from – I know (having done it myself years ago with my startup e-commerce) they’ll have looked at my name, my location, realised it wasn’t a friend/relative and beamed with joy! They may have texted their Mum/friend/partner “We got another order!” They will have packed up it lovingly and kissed it goodbye (and praying they don’t see it again 😂)

They’ll probably be too scared to spend the money for a few weeks in case you want a refund. After 28 days they’ll breathe a sign of relief.

When you buy from a micro business you are giving more than money – you’re giving them faith in themselves, belief they can actually do this. Belief that something is working.

When you google something – consider buying from the guy on page 3. The guy who can’t afford SEO services.

When you see a Facebook/IG ad for something – buy from the business with 3000 likes instead of 3 million.

That beauty gift set for your mum that you normally pick up from Boots/Selfridges – I bet your local salon sells it.

Normally get your dad a mug or a pair of socks? There will be a small craft business that makes those.

Love Yankee candles? Why not try the local company that makes them by hand.

Why don’t we all buy just THREE things this Christmas from a small business? I’m up to two so far….

Nikki x

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