Following the release of lockdown measures, the public have flocked to beaches and parks across the country; leaving a trail of litter behind them.

As we have reported on multiple occasions, the locals in Lytham St Anne’s have had enough beach cleans and rubbish collection to last a lifetime. Every day the sun comes out, it brings a new beach/Green party, with masses of canisters, used condoms, broken glass, plastic bottles, BBQs, etc.

We all know that the virus can be spread by contact, so it only makes sense that it can be spread through discarded litter and food. We also know that the virus can live on surfaces for several hours.

This puts anyone who chooses to help clean up others’ litter at risk. The Government have urged the public to pick up their litter – it is possible to have the virus and not know about it, by leaving your discarded rubbish you can easily spread the virus and damage someone’s health.

The official Downing Street Instagram page have posted a picture of litter with the words: “Don’t eat and drop. Dispose of your litter. It isn’t difficult.”

The UK public have commented on the post, requesting the government give out larger fines and penalties to those caught littering.