Spooky inscriptions discovered in the turret of a prestigious St Anne’s Hotel 👻

The Grand Hotel, St Anne’s, have discovered what looks like the finishing touch to building works. Messages from cheeky workman are often discovered when removing wallpaper or floorboards, but this looks a little more professional, possibly from the team who were employed during the year quoted.

From the Grand Hotel itself –

Graffiti found at the hotel … 😀

Investigative works in the Turret roof space revealed these inscriptions.

We know Kitty, she was the daughter of Rose Holloway the first proprietor.

But who are the builders? does anyone recognise the names?

Can you help solve the mystery and give this inscription some provenance? Was your father, grandfather or relative a builder /tradesperson around that time in this area? It would be great to find out who they were 👍

Have you found any similar messages on your home? Let us know if you have 😉

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