Holes In The Road Are Looked Into By Our Local Politicians

MP Mark Menzies expressed his displeasure whilst viewing the state of some local roads last week, saying that ‘It simply is not good enough’ and ‘I won’t stand for it’.  He was joined for photographs by Lytham County Councillor Tim Ashton, County Council Cabinet for Highways Charlie Edwards and Ansdell Ward Councillor Richard Redcliffe. They were pictured looking at roads which they think need resurfacing.  In Ansdell they highlighted Rossall Road, as well as Cropper Road at Whitehills and the Beach Street area of Lytham.

Looking at the holes in the road MP Menzies said, ‘There are patches on patches on patches on Rossall Road and it simply is not good enough. I won’t stand for it, and the residents should not have to either. We must have the road resurfaced. I’ve sent County Hall pictures of the hundreds of potholes and patches on Rossall Road. It is not cost effective to constantly try and repair it. I have also raised the issues around Beach Street for some time.’

Rossall Road runs between Woodlands Road, in the centre of Ansdell, and Worsley Road and borders Royal Lytham and St Anne’s Golf Club.

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