How To Get Your Hands On A Meaty Love Sausage For A Valentine’s Day Treat

Would you love a meaty sausage, weighing almost half a kilo, in bed on Valentine’s Day morning?   Marks And Spencer, who have a ‘Simply Food’ food outlet in St. Anne’s, have brought back their famous ‘Breakfast in Bed’ hamper, which includes their famous (infamous) Love Sausage.

In 2020 romantic shoppers couldn’t get enough of the Love Sausage – and there was a frantic frenzy to greedily grab the massive meaty treat off the shelves.   Sausage lovers will be overjoyed to learn that M&S has been very quick to announce its welcome return of this delicious delight this year.

The M&S  Love Sausage, made up of pork, wrapped in smoked bacon and laced with truffle, is certainly a handful, weighing in at nearly half a kilo! In keeping with the romantic theme, the pork sausage is heart-shaped and served alongside other delicious tasty treats in a ‘Breakfast in Bed’ hamper. Sadly, the Love Sausage cannot be purchased as a single item, and only comes included as part of the Valentine’s hamper – which costs £30.

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