As lockdown has kept the majority of us at home, cutting out our commutes to work and afternoon drives up to Lake District – there has been a noticeable decrease in traffic. Early on in lockdown you could hear a pin drop in the streets, birds singing, bees buzzing, it really made the allotted one walk a day rather therapeutic.

The Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service have released statistics that will really make your head spin. Road traffic collisions attended by the rescue service have declined massively with a total of a 68.7% drop across Lancashire country.

With statistics from this year which can be compared to those of 24th March – 10th May 2019, it is possible to see how staying off the streets has impacted the rescue service and potentially saved lives from fatal incidents. Within these results the western area of Lancashire county including the Fylde Coast, there were 9 incidents during the springtime period of 2019, whereas during the same time in 2020 only 2 were attended – a 77.8% reduction.

The rescue service have released a plea for road users to watch their speed and stay aware on the road as the traffic starts to build and we begin our journey back to normal life, post-pandemic.

Tips to avoid speeding

  1. Regularly check your speed especially when leaving high speed roads
  2. Become familiar with the speed limits in your local area, which roads are only 20 zones
  3. Use a sat-nav or navigation app (e.g. Waze) that will document your speed in real-time. Some apps even know the speed limit throughout the country and will notify you when it changes/when you surpass it
  4. Use cruise control, most modern cars are fitted with it and it stops your car going above the set speed – life saver on motorways!
  5. Concentrate on the road, if you’re distracted you might miss speed zone changes