Local Barber takes a stand against blades, hand in a knife save a life

Local barber, Theo Petrocelli, owner of Lytham’s Lucky 13 Barber Shop has shared a post today to raise awareness of #barbersagainstblades.

Theo opened up his shop this morning (Friday 11th December) and was approached by a man who handed him knife that his 15 year old son had ordered off the internet.

The father gave the knife to Theo who has previously taken a stand against knife crime in the local area. Theo has taken to Facebook to share a photograph of the weapon, and announced that it will be handed to local police by the end of the day.

The barber stated “Hand in a knife, save a life to any #barbersagainstblades barbershop with no judgement and total anonymity.”

The post comes after several knife crimes have been reported in the local area, with knife crime increasing across the UK. It is extremely distressing to the public that anyone can order a knife from the internet, especially minors such as the customer who purchased this knife.

Knife purchased by a local 15 year old boy

Although shops have a strict 18+ policy, when purchasing online it can be extremely difficult for shops and delivery services to monitor who is receiving the package, especially with covid restrictions in place.  Many shops such as Wish lie to couriers to allow for cheaper postage and custom fees.

The #barbersagainstblades movement will be pushed in the new year, allowing more barbers to sign up to the scheme and help reduce knife crime in the local area.

If you are in a position where you believe someone you know may be harbouring a weapon, do not keep quite – hand in a knife, save a life!

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