Following the article we wrote on The Knights Care Home looking for pen-pals, we have spoken to the employees and manager of the home about how lockdown has been for the staff and residents.

The Knights Care Home have gone above and beyond in order to ensure their residents and staff combat the ‘lockdown blues’, and keep an active and fun environment. Although residents were unable to go on their daily outings to the pub or the garden centre, it has been reported that the care home have done everything in their power to keep the residents entertained. With activities such as:

  • Social distanced garden parties and birthday celebrations
  • Allotments so that the avid gardeners in the home can grow their own fruit and veg
  • The company purchased tablets and Kindles
  • Regular video calls with family to keep in contact and bring a smile to everyone’s faces
  • TikTok videos (You can see their videos HERE – we love this content!!)
  • Pamper sessions – with face masks, essential oils, pop up salons for hair and nails
  • Gents clubs with beer tasting
  • VE day celebrations with a garden party and singer – some residents baked VE day themed cakes
  • Lots of baking!
  • Theme days
  • Food tasters – Indian, Polish, Greek etc.
  • Residents sang to their street from the doorstep
  • Play your cards right (a favourite in the home)

The care home have received a number of donations from the local community which has really lifted spirits and kept the staff and residents going. In addition the company have arranged treats and gifts for their staff to show appreciation. One of the employees, Kirsten Eley, commented: “One of the most lovely days for myself was when Shelia, our lovely resident came to us from hospital for respite care and in turn had not seen her dog Lily for over 3 months! We made sure Lily could come to see her and surprised her one morning. Not a dry eye in the house.”

With people over the age of 70 being high risk for COVID-19, there have been reported deaths across the country where employees and visitors of care homes have brought the virus in with them. With excellent initiative, The Knights Care Home, run by the company Pearlcare, who own a total of 62 other homes across the UK, were quick to act on the virus, making sure that all staff are safe and provided for. Ensuring all homes were fully equipped with PPE, with enough to last throughout (and beyond) lockdown, as well as additional protective gear for staff and relatives whilst on public transport.

In addition, the company insisted all admissions to the homes were tested for COVID-19 prior to entering the building. This was occasionally challenged by the hospitals, where they claimed it was not necessary – however the company insisted that this was a precaution they could not back down on.

It seems that the company and all its workers care so deeply for their residents, as they have all pooled together to get through lockdown as not just a place of work, but a family. It is clear that the residents enjoy their time in the home, and have gained friends in the staff, for life. Some of the care home’s residents have come forward to tell us:

Eileen: “I’m very well looked after here, but I miss my family dearly”

Rita: “The staff are great, I enjoy speaking to my family on the phone but once this is all over I want to go to Alton Towers!”

Edith: “The staff here look after everyone so much and nothing is too much trouble. They are all diamonds. Especially when we play Bingo!”

In a statement sent to Lytham St Annes News, by the manager of The Knights Care Home, Peter Sparks, he said:

“I wish to state how very proud and privileged I feel to work with such wonderful and dedicated staff, who through adversity and uncertainty have continued to ensure that our residents were cared for to the highest of standards ensuring that we continued to love, to laugh and experience new things even during lockdown, we were never down! And we continue to keep the virus at bay!”

At Lytham St Annes News would like to congratulate the home on its excellent care for their residents, and hope that the community and company continue to show their appreciation for the staff, who go above and beyond their job role daily.


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If you would like to send a letter/gift/donation to the staff and residents please send to this address:

The Knights Care Home
365 Clifton Drive North
St.Annes on Sea
Lancashire, UK
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