Local success story of family-run business Daisy Maison

While many businesses have sadly struggled as a result of the pandemic, one local family-run business have defied the odds by embracing Facebook and Instagram advertising on a large scale.

Daisy Maison, is a family-owned business making and selling stunning personalised gifts. Historically selling to trade only, they could see that the high street was starting to struggle and in 2019 pivoted their efforts to e-commerce. Not knowing at the time that a global pandemic was around the corner.

Shelley Ellison told us, “We didn’t know at the time that a global pandemic was around the corner, but we did know the high street was declining even before Covid. We started selling online and invested heavily in Facebook and Instagram marketing and the gamble has paid off. If we hadn’t, I don’t think we would have survived the pandemic”

The local manufacturer and online retailer saw a 300% increase in revenue in 2020, and with exceptional demand for their personalised Pebble Pictures for Valentines Day and Mother’s Day, the year is getting off to a strong start.

Supported by a Lytham based specialist Facebook Ads agency Hesford Media, they have been able to scale their advertising budgets to six figures a month in 2021 and have generated over twenty new jobs to local people in the last 12 months.

While a number of local businesses have seen success by embracing e-commerce, Click & Collect and digital marketing strategies, there are some who are yet to adapt to reaching new customers online which could prove fatal for those who have been slow to evolve.

While doom and gloom hits the headlines, a local success story for a small family-owned business is a welcome change.

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