Today a local mother in Lytham has come forward on a Facebook group about her experience with small children and dodging cyclists on Lytham sea front. Going for a walk with her two small children (aged 2 and 4) who were on scooters, they were nearly knocked over by several speeding cyclists.

Since the new promenade leading up to Granny’s Bay has opened up, the front has been bustling with locals out for exercise and fresh air. However, it has been difficult to remain at a 2-metre social distance when taking a stroll along the pathway, especially at peak times.

Cyclists are limited to a 10 mph speed limit in accordance with the restrictions set out by the council, however it appears that not many adhere to it. The promenade is open to cyclists and pedestrians, with no path markings to separate the two, this causes pedestrians to dodge cyclists and vice versa.

Should cyclists be restricted to the roads or should the council pay for cycle lanes on the old and newly open pathways. Or will they wait until an incident occurs before taking action?