If you have ever watched a film set in the 1950s, when drive-in cinemas were all the rage, you may find yourself wishing you were there; or just wishing you were cuddled up to Danny Zuko in his ‘Grease Lightning’ automobile. Thankfully, your dreams can come true as The Lowther Pavillion in Lytham have announced they will be opening our very own drive-in cinema. 

This comes with the closure of cinemas and theatres across the country as the the government deems them unsafe during the coronavirus pandemic. After 14 weeks of lockdown, venues are beginning to open up, however cinemas and theatres are still considered unsafe. Opening a drive-in cinema eliminates the health and safety risks as each viewer is contained in their own vehicle.

Lowther Pavillion have released dates and times of the viewings, with limited spaces and screenings, it’s first-come-first-serve. Tickets will be on sale soon with no announced date as of yet. This may be due to the venue seeking licencing for the showings.