A local law firm has been accused of sexism, after taking to Facebook to introduce their new “beautiful” receptionist.

Alexander Grace Law are opening a new office in Lytham, and have received a considerable amount of backlash on a Facebook post that has since been deleted.

The post read: “Every law firm needs a beautiful friendly receptionist. Our Lytham Office is right in the centre of the high street and will attract lots of visitors. So here is our new receptionist Debbie Dowie. She will be waiting to welcome you all into our brand new office very soon.”

Although we suspect that the firm did not intend for their post to come across as sexist, it was not received that way.

Dana Denis-Smith, founder of the First and Next 100 Years Projects , which chart the journey of women in law since 1919, in an interview with Legal Cheek, has reacted to the post:

“This is another unfortunate association of women and their role in ‘beautifying’ the workplace. It is just the latest in a line of stories and it is symptomatic of a work culture that continues to objectify women and, in doing so, undermines their credibility.”

Although the law firm has complimented their new receptionist, they have not commented on her ability to do the job, her talents, or skills, but her looks. This is something that has happened to women in business throughout history – being hired as a decorative ‘object’ rather than a talented and competent individual.

When responding to the allegations the law firm said:

”This is a comment made about a woman by another woman in a law firm where 50 of 60 staff are women.”

Of course, we are not saying Debbie isn’t beautiful! We just think that she should be valued by her skills in her job role, this is what the firm should be posting about. Regardless of who this comment was made by, it is not okay for any one of any gender to objectify someone in a workplace.