Mama Swan happy again ❤️

Swan guardian and wildlife photographer Alison Allen has personal connection to the swans at Ashton Gardens.

Last year, Daddy Swan was injured, taken into specialist rehabilitation, but sadly returned to the wild many miles away. The Swan loving local public were very concerned about this fact, as many people believed that swans “mate for life. “

Alison writes – Mama swan has finally found a new mate after all the trauma last year. I have been keeping an eye on her and she has been disappearing regularly.

I went across this morning to meet him and take some photos. Wherever he has come from he knows people have food and came straight over to me for some swan/duck food. He wasn’t bothered about me sitting on a rock right next to him on the ramp either.

He doesn’t look as mature as mama swan and is now growing feathers back after the moult. They were both doing a lot of preening and he was having a lovely bath and then showing off his wings.

The new lovebirds ❣️

So good to see her with a mate again and hopefully we will see some more cygnets next year as it may be too late this year as the time for egg laying is between late April and early May 🦢🦢

Here’s an interesting fact – once a year when they moult the mute swan will replace all 25,000 of their feathers!

Thank you for your kindness and observations of these beautiful creatures Alison…. ❣️🦢

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