Long regarded as a comedic hub of the north, the Fylde has been home to many different iconic stars over the years from Les Dawson to George Formby but now local lad Matt Davenport is bringing a new breed of comedy and performance art to the coast.

Seeing a gap in the market for a small and intimate but engaging experience showcasing local talent, Matt and co-founder Kieran set up the Small and Shouty comedy club.  The concept was that given the wealth of talent in the area, guests shouldn’t have to travel further afield to larger cities and pay a fortune to see a great show.

The premise is simple, create a platform for talent, encourage those artists to perform at an affordable rate to practice their craft, keep costs down for attendees and offer a great, unique night out locally.

Matt presents the night and introduces the acts but also performs himself and his comedy is rooted in real life; giving an authentic voice that resonates with the audience.  Using life experience, good and bad, he connects with the audience in the same way Peter Kay rose to fame by narrating what we were all thinking.  He takes the time to get to know the audience, interacting, engaging and on occasion when they step out of line, using an acerbic tongue to put them back in their place.

The club night started with humble beginnings at Neuvo in St.Annes with barely room for 20 guests and when I first walked in I thought I’d walked into a conference or a networking event, but when Matt stepped up to the mic we didn’t stop laughing from start to finish.

I went back and month after month the audience grew with a following that exploded both online and at the shows, this gave way to the requirement for a bigger space, and so the show uprooted and moved up the coast to Blackpool, to the newly opened Dirty Blondes.

The new venue is exciting in itself; in a town used to being associated with stag and hen style bars, Dirty Blondes is a unique, design led venue with a great selection of drinks and arguably some of the best pizza on the coast.  The comedy club is featured there once a month, with tickets giving you the option to buy a beer and a slice to accompany your comedy and the prices are more than reasonable.

At the moment of course the night and indeed the club are on hold, but in the meantime give the Small and Shouty Facebook page a like for some great videos and interactive media from their comedians; Dad jokes welcome.


Holly Hulme




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