Mia’s Story.

New book written from a child’s perspective.

Press release from Lancashire Police –

‘Mia’s Story’, a children’s picture book, is now available to help support children with a parent in prison.

‘Mia’ (not her real name) was just 8 years old when her dad was sent to prison. In the story she speaks bravely and honestly about her experiences, hoping that her story can help other children in a similar position.

Being separated from a parent in prison is one of the most damaging childhood experiences. ‘Mia’, along with other children with a parent in prison, needs families, teachers, support workers and communities to:

  • Talk honestly and sensitively about what’s happened as much as possible
  • Help with letters and phone calls to the parent in prison wherever possible
  • Arrange prison visits to help provide reassurance and dispel any myths
  • Listen to any concerns and support through any unkind comments or gossip
  • Help to prepare for the parent coming home
  • Be kind.

‘Mia’s Story’ is available in primary schools across the county and has been created and distributed by Lancashire Violence Reduction Network.

Read the full story here:

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