More dirty dog owners not picking up after their dogs!!!

‘Karen’ has a right old rant.. And rightly so!!

A local lady called Karen M has taken to a local Facebook group to express her disgust about dirty dog owners, and warns others to tread carefully around Cypress Point!!

“I decided to take my dogs for a walk around the back of cypress point today the old south Moss lane and out towards the back of the cemetery I was appalled at the amount of dog poo that had been left unremoved by feckless owners who obviously feel it is beneath their dignity to pick up. There can be no excuse of I didn’t see it because dogs should be on leads round there as there are pregnant sheep in the fields. If you own a dog then bloody well pick up said poo or I will be dropping some off through your letterboxes WHEN I find out who you are. Don’t want to pick up poo? Then don’t get a dog”

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