Mucky Mereside Windmill Causing Misery for Residents

The once proud Windmill at Mereside, Blackpool is now a “mucky misery” according to Branstree Road Resident Sharon Campbell.

Smouldering Sharon, who is currently in-between jobs, passes the Windmill daily and she describes it as “dirty beyond belief”.  “There are unsightly black patches of dirt which seem to be increasing by the day” she told Lytham St Annes News.   “It is becoming neglected, and is an eyesore.  Where we leave is one of the main entry points into Blackpool  and visitors will get a bad impression of the town if this is the first thing they see. Lytham’s Windmill is so much more cleaner and well-kept than our dirty Windmill – its really bringing Mereside down – we want to be like Lytham.  “I’m absolutely appalled and my fellow neighbours all share the same thought”.

She finished her statement by saying “Cornelius Bagot would be rolling in his grave with anger”.

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