New artwork on display on The Pavilion, Ashton Gardens.

Very coastal!

The Pavilion Cafe at Ashton Gardens has showcased the work and talent of local artisans for many years. The iconic building is situated in the heart of Ashton Gardens, St Anne’s, and is now operating as a very popular cafe and event venue.

Not only is the food very good, (I can personally recommend it!) the featured art work adds a cultural element to the decor, as there are different artists’ work, showcased periodically. The cafe’s introduction to the current artist –

OUR NEW EXHIBITION! Michael B Collins – Beautiful artwork, using ‘panels made from found and recycled wood. Reconstructed and painted to question scale, mystery, humour and the enjoyment of making.’ some really amazing pieces all for sale at the pavilion!

The honest simplicity of these coastal inspired pieces of art are very calming, and cleverly put together.

We worth checking out if you fancy a nice lunch, or a cheeky gin in the Pavilion Cafe!

There’s lots of events happening all over St Anne’s this weekend, including the food and drink festival Saturday 9th, Sunday 10th April. There’s also a few tabletop sales, and a Funday at Fairhaven Lake on the Sunday.

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