Spineless fraudsters try new Covid-19 jab scam 😕

Cyber criminals have started circulated yet another scam, as people eagerly await their invitation to be vaccinated against Covid-19.


Subject: NHS vaccine scam text

The latest NHS vaccine scam doing the rounds is the most convincing we have seen to date. Please be cautious and feel free to share.

The text reads as follows, ‘we have identified that you are eligible to apply for your vaccine. For more information, and to apply, follow here: [link redacted]’.

Clicking the link takes the victim to a webpage that has been made to look like the NHS website. If you progress through the application process, you’re prompted to fill in your name, date of birth, address, and payment card details.

The site looks incredibly similar to the NHS website, even featuring a ‘Read before applying’ box which encourages victims to read the information on the vaccine before filling in an application. This is particularly unusual for a phishing scam, as it almost encourages you to stop and think about applying before doing so. This makes an already convincing scam seem even more legitimate.

The colours, branding and NHS logo are all on point, however the url is a form of ‘’ which is not an NHS domain or website address.

If you receive this text, do not follow the link. The NHS will not ask you for bank details or payment details.

Please remain vigilant, and wait fur an official invitation from your GP surgery.

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