Plastic Packaged Pork Protected From Pilfering & Pinching By GPD Tags In Co-op!

The Co-op has added Global Positioning System tracker tags to plastic packaging to stop pilfering shoplifters pinching their pork chops and other higher value items.

The Daily Mail has reported that the Co-op has put some higher value products inside clear plastic boxes with the GPS technology built-in throughout stores across the country.  GPS stands for Global Positioning System and is a satellite-based navigational system that pings radio waves up to satellites and then back down, allowing the shoplifted  item’s position to be tracked.  The label on the products say ‘Protected by GPS – CAUTION – security device must be removed by checkout before leaving the store.’

The Centre for Retail Research’s latest figures show that in 2019 £1,993m worth of shoplifting occurred in the UK. And according to Home Office figures the police recorded 374,395 shoplifting cases in the year ending March 2019.

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