Police across the UK ban under 16s from buying eggs, should Fylde Police do the same?

Derbyshire Police, and many other Police forces across the UK supported prohibitions to restrict the purchase of eggs and flour to over 16s only, similar to paracetamol and energy drinks. Should Fylde Police follow a similar “eggsample?” Have shopkeepers not got enough rules to follow just now, without “eggtsra” rules to impose?
As Halloween looms near, there has been government imposed restrictions, guidance and advice on “what not to do”. Trick or Treating is considered a huge part of Halloween festivities, yet due to covid guidance, is now not allowed.
However many parents of high school age kids will genuinely struggle to keep them at home 24 /7; they will need to go out and let off a bit of steam, especially after such a stressful year, with eggscrutiating lockdown rules.
A couple of weeks ago, we reported local issues regarding eggs, where local teenagers were reportedly hurling eggs and flour at private properties. There was a mixed response from our followers, some were angered at the lack of respect, others stating it was just harmless fun.
If Fylde Police decide to follow suit and ban the purchase of eggs for under 16s, will the youths of Lytham resort to other tricks ? Or is Halloween truly cancelled, and will these kids resign to the fact and just stay home?
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