During lockdown care homes have had to put a stop to all visitors including family members, in a bid to stop the spread of the virus to vulnerable elderly people. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances, lockdown has been a very long and lonely process for many.

However, several care homes across the world have made an effort to combat their residents’ loneliness, including The Knights Care Home in St Annes.

The care home took to Facebook to share images of the residents holding a card with their names and hobbies. The public can then choose resident they have common interest with and become their pen-pal!

The heart-warming post has done so well, with many positive responses. Pen is rarely put to paper these days with digital technology advancing, texting and emailing have become the norm. Writing to the residents of the care home could be a lovely nostalgic way of helping them through their loneliness and introducing them to new friends!

The care home are delighted to have such a lovely response and are still welcoming letters to their residents. If you would like to write a letter to one of the residents above please send to this address:

The Knights Care Home
365 Clifton Drive North
St. Annes on Sea
Lancashire, UK