Following the news that hairdressers and barbershops can open on the 4th July, Britons can put down the clippers and finally see the professionals. It has been a long 3 months of unkempt hair, disastrous roots, and unruly split ends – enough is enough.

The government have released guidelines to all hairdressers and barbers to strictly follow when reopening, in order to protect their staff and customers and reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

  1. Unless the venue is very large, waiting inside the salon will not be permitted. This means that all salons will have to follow a strict booking system in order to limit waiting times.
  2. Visors must be worn at all times when attending to a customer, in addition, when face-to-face a mask must also be worn.
  3. Gloves must be worn at all times and disposed of between clients
  4. Gowns must be thoroughly sanitised between clients, or disposable gowns may be used.
  5. The entire salon must be thoroughly cleaned throughout the day, any surfaces must be sanitised after use.
  6. Salons are encouraged to wash customers’ hair if using the correct facilities, with good quality anti-bacterial hair products

The new strict guidelines are going to make it very difficult for your local salon or barbershop, keeping appointments a lot tighter with the removal of waiting rooms.

Hairdressers and barbers have also been warned to keep small talk at a minimum.

Local barber Theo Petrocelli, owner of Lucky 13 Barbershop in Lytham has come forward to comment: ‘It is so important that salon/barbershop owners keep to the guidelines and work hard to keep clients safe. The new guidelines are going to be difficult, but we do have to adhere to them to keep us all in good health’

Theo has informed us that his prices will not be rising when he reopens, but pointed out that many other salons may have to increase their prices due to PPE and costs towards the following of hygiene standards.


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