Some very important advice for dog owners, from Davey, fire search dog 👍

As temperatures are set to plummet this week, here’s some great advice for keeping you and your dog safe.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service have issued obvious, yet sensible advice as we enter a particularly cold blast of weather conditions.

From Davey – My Mum gets really mad at me if I go near ice and I get into lots of trouble. That’s because as a firefighter she’s had to rescue dogs who have fallen through icy ponds, canals or lakes and then she’s had to rescue their human too because they try and save the dog even though we all know that we’re far better at swimming than those funny creatures with their two legs 🙄Sometimes it doesn’t end very well and people get very sad.
I hate it when my Mum is mad at me because she then doesn’t give me cheese or my ball and I love those things. So instead I’ll stay away from the ice and go and find the biggest pile of mud I can. It’s less cold than the water. I don’t think my Mum minds if I get muddy though she still makes me have a bath which I hate 😤

Some sound advice here from our Fire Search Dogs Davey – please keep dogs (and humans) away from ice! Thank you!

Great advice there from Davey, and Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service. Stay safe everyone 💙

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