A furious resident has contacted Lytham St Anne’s news to convey her sadness and disgust at the way local charity shops are being treated.

Angela Henry from Lytham was taking her beloved Springer Spaniel for a walk yesterday early morning, when she discovered what she described as a ‘mountain of rubble’ dumped outside Age UK, Clifton Street, Lytham.  She told your Lytham St Annes News “It was literally like someone had dumped a van load of junk.  I’ve seen fly tippers leave less of a mess.  The poor lady who came to open the shop literally had to climb over the rubble to get to the door, it was really unfortunate for her”.   She added “The charity shop is not an alternative to the tip”.  Pictured below is the scene outside Age UK Lytham.

People who donate to charities have been warned they could be fined for fly-tipping after a pair of men ended up in court in Cambridge despite their good intentions. The pair were ordered to pay almost £500 in fines after unintentionally breaking the law. Ogunsayna, of Cambridge, was ordered to pay a total of £200 while Ozkurtulus, of Sawston, was fined £250 for abandoning household items at the same location. Both defendants pleaded guilty and were issued 12 month conditional discharges, ordered to pay £80 compensation each to the British Heart Foundation and ordered to pay costs of £100 and £150 respectively. In their defence the solicitor acting for the men said that both defendants had tried to do the decent thing, they had not dumped at the side of the road or a recycling centre, they had tried to benefit someone else and the charity, and that neither saw the fly-tipping signs. Both said that if they had seen the signs they would not have left the items. (credit Daily Mirror)

TheCharityRetail.org website also recommends when advised whether to leave goods outside “Please bring your goods to the shop within its opening hours. Charities cannot sell items which have been damaged or stolen by passers-by, and it is a fact that most bags will be tampered with if left outside overnight.”

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