The Great St Anne’s Pub Crawl – The Review

On Saturday 11th January 2020 your Lytham St Anne’s news team decided to embark on a pub crawl around the town of St Anne’s on the Sea.  Our intention was to visit all the pubs and do a full review of them all for our loyal readers.

Unfortunately, the rain was extremely heavy so we had to split our crawl into two, and were only able to visit four establishments.  However, our intention is to visit the other pubs in the near future.

Number Fifteens, St Annes Road West, St Anne’s

Our first port of call was Number Fifteens. The former Lloyds TSB bank on St Anne’s Road West has been sympathetically refurbished and is a very rustic pub, with unique features that represent its former standing.

However, on arrival, despite being very impressed with the décor and lighting we were very disappointed.  The clientele in here all seemed to be older men that looked inebriated, and was more like walking into the Heartbreak Hotel than a decent St Anne’s venue.   When we went to the bar we were greeted by an unfriendly barmaid who didn’t seem very interested or happy being there, I put this to one side for now. Being a Real Ale lover myself, I opted for the Lancaster IPA and my partner decided to order the Honey Jack Daniels with Pepsi.   Disappointingly the Lancaster IPA had a very acidic and foul taste, which was more like diluted washing up liquid and my partner’s Pepsi in the Honey Jack Daniels was as flat as a proverbial pancake and they forgot to add the ice so the drink was luke-warm.    The tables also had many glasses left on them, and the table we chose had a sticky residue.  I was also somewhat horrified that the smell of damp clothes pervaded the entire establishment, the source of which still remains a mystery.

I decided to nip to the toilets, the only toilet downstairs being a disabled toilet (to which the door was left wide open), on initial inspection the toilet was flooded and there was a puddle that resembled Lake Windermere all around the toilet.  This made my stomach turn.  Also, there was an acrid smell of urine which was as equally stomach churning.

While leaving I noticed that there was a live band preparing to setup, however, due to my disappointment with the drink and atmosphere we didn’t hang around.

This place seems to be lacking serious care and management.  I visited here a couple of years ago and it’s really gone downhill.












No 10 Ale House, Park Road, St Anne’s

After exiting the Number Fifteens in a speedy fashion, we decided to visit another venue, the No 10 Ale House on Park Road (what is it with St Anne’s with bars and numbers?).  The No 10 Ale House is a micro pub specialising in gins and real ales.  I opted for a Real Ale, and my better half chose a Baileys and Ice to get rid of the taste of the Pepsi and Honey Jack Daniels from the previous venue. The décor was incredibly cosy, and the atmosphere was nice with lots of people chatting and having a good laugh.  The toilets were immaculate and fresh smelling, which always represents the care and cleanliness of the staff.

The quality of the drinks here were absolutely fantastic and even the glasses were of high quality!













Jazz Emporium, 2a Wood St, St Anne’s

We literally ran for our lives through the torrential rain and made it to the next venue which was the unique Jazz Emporium on Wood Street.  Run by the delightful Kye Kershaw this venue is just something different.  Fantastic décor from outside to inside, and an extensive menu of drinks and also food.  Although we didn’t eat, a really fancy chicken burger passed us, my partner said we must dine here one day.

I chose a pint of Shead Head IPA and my partner chose an Espresso Martini.  The drinks were really nice, and the IPA was so tasty you could tell the owners and staff take great pride in the lines and the quality of beer.  All the tables were nice and clean too!

All the staff here were really friendly, and had a superb sense of humour.  The patrons were also of a decent sort and everyone was friendly.

We examined the toilets and they were exceptionally clean too.

I couldn’t fault the place.












The Links Pub, Heeley Road, St Anne’s


Due to the continuous onslaught of heavy rain, we called a taxi and headed to The Links Pub.  When we arrived to the venue there was a party going on and everyone was dressed up in fancy-dress.  Despite us being dressed in normal civilian clothes we weren’t made to feel uncomfortable and everyone was very welcoming.

We went to the busy bar, and were greeted by a smiling barmaid who served me a pint of Guinness and my partner another Baileys with Ice.  The Guinness went down a treat and they served it properly by letting it settle.

The quality of the glasses were clean and good, also the tables were kept tidy.   The toilets were clean given the late time it was and the place was packed.

There was a delightful band playing rock music which we all enjoyed.

I’d love to come to this place again, it was very pleasant.



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