Thistleton Lodge Care Home Publicly Airs Family Business Scandal

Thistleton Lodge Care Home in Preston is currently awash with scandal as they share the drama with followers on their Facebook Page.

Rumours of the care home filing for bankruptcy have been released, as Lancashire County Council and Fylde Council have reportedly taken a court order and are currently trying to move the residents out of the home.

Kevin Moore the Managing Director of the care home has broken their silence and taken to Facebook to share what’s been going on behind their closed doors.

The care home that has stayed safe from covid-19 during the pandemic, has been rattled with a family dispute. Kevin stated on a Facebook status that he has been receiving threats from fellow directors/brothers who are “determined to destroy” him and shut the home down.

He also states that he has been receiving abusive messages and is not afraid to “name and shame” and to “air his dirty laundry in public.” This comes after he reported them to several authorities for the “things they have been up to in our own family businesses.”

One of the company directors and Harrison Drury Solicitors have written to Kevin and his registered manager threatening legal action.

A number of locals have commented on the Facebook post in support of Kevin and the care home.

Diane Leadley wrote: “I remember you from when I worked at thistleton lodge many years ago and I know how much you love what that home represents. I also know that the care of your residents and staff is paramount. Stay strong Kevin”

Linda Meadows wrote: “Thistleton Lodge provided both my mum, and myself, with excellent care and support when it was needed the most. The staff at that time became my second family. This home cannot, and I repeat, CANNOT close, that in itself would be criminal! The care given here is exemplary, and I cannot fault them. My mum was ‘the comeback queen’, being pulled back from the brink so many times in the years she was living in Thistleton.

So, as above, Thistleton Lodge cannot close!”
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