Two Night Time Call Outs For Our Brave Coastguard Volunteers

Earlier today (Sunday 28th February)– at 2.32 a.m. – the brave volunteers from HM Coastguard Lytham were called out to reports of a person in the water in the Cleveleys area.  HM Coastguard Fleetwood and RNLI Fleetwood were also tasked.  After a short while, Lancashire Police persuaded the casualty to leave the water and escorted them to the waiting ambulance. The casualty was assisted from the water with the help from the North West Ambulance Service, who then transferred the person to hospital.

Prior to this – at 1.21 a.m. –  to the volunteers were called out to reports of a person walking out towards the water, fortunately Blackpool Police located the person who turned out to be a fisherman, so HM Coastguard Lytham were stood down whilst on route.

Thank you to all the volunteers for their dedicated work.

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