Umbrellas will be damaged, and wheelie bins will be overturned.

STORM ARWEN is predicted to wreak havoc all over the UK in the next 2 days, including the Fylde coast.

Winds of up to 59 mph are forecast, along with rain, but here in the Fylde we should escape any snowfall.

The windmill has already lost its sails due to a brutal battering by high winds a few weeks ago, and there are grave concerns for potential damage to wheelie bins and wooden fences everywhere on the Fylde. It would also be wise to make contingency plans in case there’s a power cut, they seem to be quite frequent at the moment.

Using an umbrella is probably pointless, although many people will try, and it’s advised to secure your wheelie bins to avoid outraged neighbours when they land in someone else’s garden.

Stay safe everyone. #stormarwen

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